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Biophilic design integrates but does not appropriate the contributions of other nature-based design techniques precisely because it can act as a platform or “interstitial tissue,” providing a connective language, practice or ethos that unites disparate disciplines in the built environment more broadly.       – Julia Africa, et al.

2021 & BEYOND: Living Lab Explorations 

The team will be working with partners to explore funding opportunities to develop Biophilic Living Lab opportunities on the University of Minnesota campuses to enable the integration of research, teaching, and practice across design disciplines and scales. The project will explore diverse approaches to “living lab” initiatives that consider how a biophilic approach to net-positive design might provide integrated ecological, experiential, and health benefits for humans, other species, and the planet.

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Fall Conversations & Spring Workshop

The "2020-2021 Project Schedule" includes Fall 2020 online "Biophilic Design Conversations" with expert guests and panels and the Spring 2021 includes a "Living Lab Design Workshop" to explore opportunities at the University of Minnesota.